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Homemade Quest Bars – 2 Recipes!

Ever fancied trying to make your own homemade Quest bars?

People who are into their healthy eating, training and eating lots of protein love Quest bars because they’re pretty natural with hardly any ingredients.

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Most ‘Homemade Quest-Style bars’ you’ll find on the internet will call for something called Vitafibre, a type of powdered fibre which when mixed with water acts as a binder to stick everything together. It’s perfectly healthy (the same fibre found in fruit and vegetables) but I’m not a fan of using awkward ingredients that you can’t easily get hold of. Of course you can get Vitafibre online, I just haven’t got round to it at the time of writing.

But actually they’re not that hard to make given the minimal ingredients list, and best of all you can customise them to make pretty much any flavour you can think of!

You’ll notice some of the ingredients have links to where to find them to save you getting lost online!


So I had a play around and these were the yummy results…


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Homemade Quest Bars V.1

Makes 4-6

I chose cocoa powder and cacao nibs as my ‘add-ins’, because I’m a chocoholic!



4 dried Figs
30g ground Almonds
60-100 ML water (as needed)
60g Coconut Flour
100g protein powder


Cocoa powder
Chopped nuts
Desiccated coconut
Natural flavourings (vanilla, almond, peppermint etc.)
Spices (cinnamon, chilli etc.)
Lemon, orange or lime zest
Cream cheese (for cheesecake flavour, shelf life will be shorter, and you won’t need as much water)
Mashed fruit veg (the shelf life will be shorter, and you won’t need as much water)
Sugar free jam
Melted dark chocolate
Dark chocolate chips
Dried fruit (in moderation)
Cacao nibs


Put all the ingredients in a food processor except the water. Add a little water and blend. Add more water as needed.
It should be like a thick playdough consistency.
Shape your bars (or roll into balls, whatever)
Store them in the fridge in a sealed food container. Alternatively they freeze well, just make sure they’re not touching when you put them in the freezer or they all stick together.


Homemade Quest Bars V.2

Makes 4-6 bars

In my version I used Raspberry flavour protein powder, Peanut Butter, and Dried Cherries, for a yummy PB & J flavour! If using unflavoured/unsweetened protein powder, add a little stevia to taste if you like.

homemade quest bars


100g protein powder (your fave flavour)
60g nut or seed butter of choice
2-4 tbsp. water (if you feel you need it)
30g ground flaxseeds

OPTIONAL ADD-INS – see above


In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients and any dry optional add-ins you’re using.
Mix in the nut/seed butter and any wet add-ins you’re using.
It should be the consistency of firm playdough.
Mould your bars, and store in the fridge (or freezer), taking into account shelf life depending on what add-ins you’ve chosen.

Have fun getting creative and let me know what combinations you come up with!

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