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How To Exercise While Injured

It always seems to happen to someone else, yet now it’s you who’s hurt. So as a fitness enthusiast, is it possible to still exercise while injured?

For anyone who exercises an injury that sets them back feels like the worst thing that can happen.

Whether you workout because you love it or because you have a goal you’re aiming for, a set back is never welcome.

But there are ways, depending on the type and severity of your injury, to get around this.

You might find with a bit of imagination and tweaking that you can create some sort of workout that stop you from spending weeks on the couch, and mean you can at least get some of the benefits of exercise.

For example, can you do single joint movements or ones that don’t use the injured body part (for example you don’t need your arms to do a body weight squat or lunge)

Can you keep the injury safe out of the way – for example resting an injured ankle raised on a chair or low stool while you do sit ups?

Can you reduce the intensity of your workout – can you go for a gentle walk rather than long run?

If you are under the care of a physiotherapist or injury rehab specialist they are the best people to advise as to what, and how much, is suitable for you.

And all is not lost. Injuries are not for ever. They do improve, usually completely if not very close, so however serious your injury is, while you’ll need to be patient, rest assured it won’t be forever.

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