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How to Get Healthier the EASY Way

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These posters are a free gift to you to help you to get healthier the easy way. Print them off and make achievable step by step changes to feel healthier and look better without the stress of crash diets.


I originally created these as part of a free ebook I give to my 1-2-1 clients (email if you want to find out more about working with me privately, it’s way more affordable than you’d think). But they’re useful for anyone either getting started for the first time on a healthier way of living, or if you’ve tried ‘diets’ and ‘exercise regimes’ in the past and found them too overwhelming and difficult to stick to.


While strict and detailed plans work for some people, for others they’re too restrictive, don’t fit in with your life, and not enjoyable.

But since losing weight is about eating fewer calories than you burn (yes that’s all) and getting fitter and stronger is pushing your body a bit so it adapts, with more efficient lungs & heart, stronger muscles, or both (yes, that’s all, again), then that leaves us open to many different ways and options on how to achieve those.

Like a Paleo style diet? Fine. Can’t imagine life without bread? That’s fine too.

But there are some commonalities that apply to everyone looking to get healthier, and yes they’re the boring basics.

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  1. Eat better quality food, less junk, more vegetables
  2. Move more, walk more, lift heavy things (even if that’s your own body weight)
  3. Sleep, relax, rest and be happy

Those are three things everyone needs to do, but how to start?

Start at the beginning, always the best place in my opinion. Master one thing at a time, then add the next. The effects culminate over time and add up to massive improvements.

Click on each image to get to the (larger) pdf versions, where you can save and/or print them and put them on your kitchen cupboard doors.

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