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How to Make the Perfect Healthy Mason Jar Salad

How to Make the Perfect Healthy Mason Jar Salad


Is there anything more perfect in design than a Mason Jar Salad? The concept is ideal – a fresh and delicious salad, perfectly preserved in a strong container that won’t imprint on the food and is easily transportable – what’s not to love!? While many people know what they want from a Mason Jar Salad, constructing the perfect one is not quite as simple as simply filling a jar with whatever you want! Without careful planning, your delicious salad can quickly turn into a soggy mess. So just how do you make the perfect, healthy Mason Jar Salad?


The real here is in how you go about layering your salad. It doesn’t matter what you plan on putting in, as long as you put the ingredients in an order that makes sense! So first things first, you should always start with the dressing. Choose whatever dressing you want, but putting it in first the cornerstone of the perfect Mason Jar Salad. Next, choose an ingredient from your salad that won’t just soak up all your dressing. Carrots are a good choice, as are chickpeas or cherry tomatoes. These will retain their own flavour without soaking up all of the dressing, and provides a stable base for further layers on top.

If you have a solid layer above the level of your dressing, it’s time to start layering up. Keep your green leaves, cheeses or nuts aside, as they will make up the final layer. Always try to pack each layer tightly. This helps maintain the freshness of the salad. The less tightly your jar is packed, the less time your salad will stay fresh for. This is the core fundamental of a great Mason Jar Salad. Layer it cleverly, and pack it tightly.


Finally, add your green leaves, cheeses and nuts at the top. The green leaves will form a barrier that will help to maintain freshness, and this allows you place cheeses, nuts or even proteins like chicken on top without risking any soggy spread. And that’s it! Screw your lid on tightly and you’re ready to go. When you are ready to consume, simply open the jar, pour the contents into a bowl and toss as necessary. If you’ve layered your jar correctly and kept it upright, you will be rewarded with a crisp, fresh and delicious salad every single time.



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