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How To Stop Craving Chocolate

In this video I’m going to show you a simple solution for how to stop craving chocolate.

It’s all very well committing to not eating chocolate, biscuits, ice cream and cake, but what about when cravings strike?

how to stop craving chocolate

I’m not talking about genuine hunger, which comes from the stomach (in which case, eat!), this is about cravings which start in the brain and make you want to scream if you don’t get chocolate NOW!

This drink contains 4 ingredients to quench those cravings in the brain –

Cocoa:– increases dopamine in the brain, the feel good hormone

Fibre:– which combines with the liquid in your stomach to form a gel, which sits in your stomach (preventing hunger) for longer than water alone

Stevia:– a natural, plant based sweetener to give you a sweet hit without calories or the possible side effects of artificial sweeteners.

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N.B taking a couple of BCAA capsules alongside also can really help quench cravings.

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