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How To Use a Spiralizer (and why you should)

In this short video I’m going to demonstrate how to use a Spiralizer.

As I write this in June we’re getting into the best months in the UK for local, seasonal fruit and veg, which is just what we love at this time of year.

But a spiralizer can be used all year round with Autumn and Winter veg like beetroot, carrots and squash too.

Most people could do with eating more vegetables.

Many people (except maybe endurance athletes) could also do with reducing the amount of starchy vegetables they eat – potatoes, rice, noodles and pasta.

With the increasing amount of people in the world being overweight or obese, many should be reducing the amount or calories consumed.

A spiralizer addresses all three issuesmore vegetables, which are eaten like spaghetti (instead of wheat or other grain spaghetti or noodles), which in turn are much lower in calories than grains.

how to use a spiralizer

Spiralizing is something many people have told me they want to try but thought that they equipment might be expensive or complicated to use.

Well mine came from Lakeland and was around £20, and since it’s made of plastic and metal and you’re only using watery vegetables (as opposed to oily foods) it’s clean with only a rinse.

The pieces fit together easily so can be stored as one unit in it’s box.

Simply lightly steam or stir fry your spiralized vegetables and top with some whole food protein and healthy fats!

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