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If You Don’t Like It Don’t Do It

If you don’t like it don’t do it.

You’re an adult aren’t you? Are you just going to follow like a sheep, doing exercise you don’t like, eating food you don’t like, because you really really want to look good and you really really think this stuff is good for you?

Well let me tell you you probably won’t for much longer because that means you’re running on willpower, and like a muscle, willpower is exhaustible.

I HATE running, like, really really hate it. Always have. Some people love it, and good for them, but I don’t care what anyone says, I don’t care about my health and looks enough to run.
Crazed Women Jogging
Did I say I don’t care about my health and my looks? No I did not. I said I don’t care enough to run. Instead I do things which I DO enjoy and feel benefit me personally – I stick with those because they get results for me and because they fit in with my life and because, well I quite enjoy them.

For me that’s resistance, weights, kettlebells – give it your all and push out that pent up frustration/annoyance/impatience ‘til the endorphins make me feel high as a kite. I don’t get that with running. Running for me = freezing muddy cross country at school, what a miserable thought.

I don’t do ‘green’ smoothies. I know they’re good for me, yes I know they’re super-nutrient packed, and will turn me into wonder woman, but I don’t like them. I do, however, really like steamed spinach, kale and the like, with my supper, stirred into soups, stir fried etc, just not raw in smoothies. And I love raw cocoa powder and that’s a superfood too he he. *update, I learned to like them by starting with more fruit and less greens, then gradually changing the amount of both.


I go out to eat at restaurants, any restaurant, and I eat what I think will taste great but also what will make me feel great (protein & veg based). I will also steal my husband’s Montezuma’s chocolate buttons to melt into my coffee, I just don’t do it too often. I do the school run on foot and love a family walk on a sunny Sunday morning, but can’t be bothered if it’s raining.

I eat very healthily, I walk every day, I do a proper workout 3 times a week, and as a result I am in not bad shape (for a 34 year old Mum of two), feel great (even the odd teething-induced sleepless night doesn’t totally wipe me out), and I’m doing exactly what I want to do.

And I don’t do what I don’t want to do. Why on earth would I bother?

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