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Is a Vegan Christmas more Ethical?

vegan christmas

Back in Spring I helped out some students with a radio interview about having a vegan Christmas and whether this would be a more ethical choice than the traditional turkey and brandy butter we know and love.

Most people choose to eat a vegan diet for health or ethical reasons or both, but do these actually stand up in the science?

Vegan refers to the types of food eaten, specifically no animal products at all.

So while vegetables, wholegrains and pulses are very healthy, so are non-animal based foods like chips, crisps, alcohol and processed white bread, and none of these would feature much on a super healthy diet. So calling vegan healthy is a moot point.

Watch this afterwards > Is Vegan Healthy?

And the ethical and environmental aspects aren’t black and white either. Almonds and avocados require huge amounts of water to grow and often need to be shipped across the world. And due to the rise in popularity of both veganism and healthy eating in general, foods like this are becoming more and more in demand.


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This video (which can be found on YouTube here – make sure you subscribe!) is a mockup of a radio show produced by the students at Bournemouth University in which I contributed my thought on veganism and whether it’s necessary or sustainable for most of us.



I’d love to know what you think of the vegan movement. Are you a vegan yourself? What do you make of the idea that we should all cut out meat from our diets? Come and let me know in my free Facebook Group here.

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