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When you decided to lose weight you won’t necessarily think you have any psychological body image issues.

After all your problem is the being overweight right? And as soon as you’ve lost weight, you’ll be happy.

Well today I’m going to challenge you on that with this candid interview I did with Nicola Feustel on her FeustelFit podcast.


(for anyone in the West London area Nicola also has a show on Hayes FM)

Not everyone has an actual Eating Disorder like I did. In fact serious eating disorders are thankfully rare.

But a distorted relationship with food and a person’t body is something I see far too often, and it’s a problem that appears to be on the rise.

I think social media and the availability of information and images is partly to blame. Once you had to actively seek out information and advice, even if it was just going to the shop to buy a magazine.

Now you can’t turn on your computer with out seeing an over-trained, underfed ‘model’ in skimpy workout clothes in some exotic location, contorting herself to look ‘amazing’.

And the result is that normal, even pretty fit, slim and healthy ‘normal’ people, feel inadequate.

Now I’m not saying that if you have weight to lose you shouldn’t try and lose it, because obviously having a physically healthy body – and yes that does include not carrying too much extra fat – is a good thing, clearly.

But it needs to come from a place of loving and nourishing your body, not punishing and depriving it.

I hope something in this podcast helps you to have a better relationship with your body and remember you can contact me anytime for help and advice, I’m not a trained psychologist but I do know a lot about helping women treat their bodies well!

(just drop me a line at

Find the episode on Itunes here or Overcast here, it’s episode 5.

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