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What it’s really like living with Mental Illness, with Darko Botic (podcast)

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You’ll never really understand what it’s like living with mental illness until you experience it yourself, with so many people struggling in one way or another, this podcast will hopefully help you understand better, or let you know that you’re not alone.


This podcast was with Darko Botic, a personal trainer and health coach who has spent many years battling depression, binge eating, bulimia and social anxiety, all things not often seen, or rather, commonly hidden, in men.


After hearing Darko’s story I got in touch and we decided to record a podcast together, the first of hopefully many more, to discuss what it’s really like living with mental illness.

If you’ve followed me a while you’ll know this echos my own troubles; a bipolar spectrum anorexic with three hospitalisations and a Section to my name.

What’s this got to do with health, fitness, exercise you might ask?

Well it’s these very experiences; having lost both physical and mental health, that drives both Darko and myself in our pursuit of health and happiness for everyone.

We never want to go back to those dark places, and if we can help others live full, happy, healthy lives through sharing our stories, then that’s what we’ll do.


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