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What are Low Carb Foods Really?

low carb foods

When people say they’re going to cut carbohydrates and eat mostly low carb foods what do they mean my that?


Low carb diets such as Atkins, GI and Dukan have become incredibly popular in recent years, and they can really work for some people because low carb foods like protein are really filling.


But what do people mean when they’re cutting carbohydrates?


The term low carb is misleading, as most people don’t know what a carbohydrate is, or where carbohydrates are found.


We think of carbohydrates as being the starchy part of the meal; bread, pasta, crackers, rice, oats, and potatoes.


But carbohydrates are found in many foods that might surprise you.


So if you decide to cut down on pasta, potatoes and bread, which foods might you choose to keep eating that also contain carbohydrates?


And what actually are truly low carb foods?


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