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Low Fat or Full Fat? (not as simple as you’d think)

The low fat vs high fat debate is still running.

It’s now been joined by the low carb vs ‘balanced’ (high carb tends to be the preserve of endurance athletes like marathon runners), which serves to make people now doubly confused.

We were told for years following the nutritional guidelines of the 1980’s that we should all be eating low fat food to be healthy.

But recently with the rise in Popularity of Mediterranean and Paleo Diets people have started to embrace fat more, claiming we can’t be healthy without it, and that low fat diets are very unhealthy.

In fact if there is any more structure to the trends, it tends to be that, the lower carb you eat, the more fat a person wants, and vice versa (high carbs but lower fat).

We are told all sorts of confusing information about the different types of fats – Saturated, Polyunsaturated, Monounsaturated, Omega 3’s, 6s, and 9’s, and natural vs non-natural Trans Fats.

Getting enough/not too much seems an impossible task!

But should we be worried?

Shall we just play it safe and stick to low fat foods or should we be eating full fat versions every time?

Or is there a middle ground?

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