Meal Prep Tips

meal prep tips

If you’re finding your busy life is getting in the way of being organised with food and eating a healthy diet then check out these excellent meal prep tips from top Fitness and Nutrition professionals.


This blog was originally put together for eco sports clothing company Sundried, you can read my review of their clothes here.


Sundried asked me and some of their other ambassadors to offer our top meal prep tips so that you have healthy food ready even when you don’t have much time to prepare and cook food (which let’s face it is pretty often in today’s hectic lives)

Here’s my tips:

  1. Choose 2 days a week to prep. A couple of hours in the evening should be enough.
  2. Plan meals in advance and write a shopping list for everything you need.
  3. Store meals in portions in plastic or freezable containers.
  4. Consider making more than you need and freezing extra portions for when you don’t have time to prep.
  5. Incorporate meals that are flexible on ingredients so you can use up odds and ends, for an example a stir fry with whatever vegetables and protein you have, or an omelette with mixed vegetables and cheese.
  6. Buy long-life ingredients you use a lot of in bulk to save money.
  7. Use a slow cooker – just throw everything in and leave it to be ready by the evening.
  8. Don’t forget breakfast. Pancakes can be made and reheated, and overnight oats and porridge can be made the night before to save time in the morning too.

Find the whole blog and other fitpros’ tips on the original blog here.


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