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Mums’ 22 Push Up Challenge

You won’t have missed the 22 Push Up Challenge if you’re on Facebook (and 1.17 billion people are, you likely included), or indeed any other social media platform.

The 22 Push Up Challenge is the latest fitness challenge to go viral in a bid to raise money for a good cause – this time for who “honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment”.


The 22 Push Up Challenge follows last year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challege where participants had a bucket of ice water poured over them, which raised over $100 million for the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Association.

Not surprisingly I was nominated pretty quickly by a friend, but thought I’d do a slightly different take and try and encourage people to be more adventurous with their push ups (also known as press ups).

Press ups are a fantastic exercise for the core, shoulders, arms and back, but bog standard ‘regular’ press ups can get a little boring sine they’re so repetitive and simple, which is not to say they’re easy – they do take quite a lot of upper body strength!


So to add variety and stop people getting bored I decided to do 22 different types of push up!


I have to admit even I started to run out of ideas so they do get a little silly and amusing towards the final few.

Here’s a list of press ups I came up with for my 22 Push Up Challenge:


  1. Band Resisted Press Up
  2. Regular Press Up (elbows back/0
  3. Regular Press Up (elbows to the side)
  4. Box Press UP
  5. Decline Press Up
  6. Spider Press Up
  7. Three Quarter Press Up
  8. V Press Up
  9. Wall Press Up
  10. Incline Press Up
  11. Plyometric Press Up
  12. Pulsing Press Up
  13. Push Up with Clap
  14. Narrow Hand Press Up
  15. Wide Hand Press Up
  16. Paused Press Up
  17. Diamond Press Up
  18. Double Piggy Back Press Up
  19. Family Press Up
  20. Sleeping Child Press Up
  21. Kissing Press Up
  22. Piggy Back Press Up


All the individual and short (around 15 seconds) videos have been uploaded to my YouTube Exercise Demo Playlist here.


Have you taken part in the challenge? What’s your favourite or least favourite press up variation? How many can you do?!

Let me know in the comments below!


Learn more and see how to get involved in the push up challenge at

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