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Do You Need To Take Vitamins?


Half of all Brits will be taking vitamins and minerals in supplement at any one time.


Vitamin and Supplement manufacturers would have you believe that you need to be taking all sorts of supplements every day.


But do you actually need to supplement with vitamins or are they a waste of money?

Multivitamin and mineral supplements are big business, but are they the ‘nutrition insurance’ they’re marketed as or there smarter ways to get all the nutrients you need?


While food is always best where possible, there are some nutrients that may be needed in certain circumstances.


These include:


Iron (for vegetarians, vegans and women of child bearing age)

Magnesium (for people who workout intensely or have trouble relaxing) – FITMUMFORMULA gets you 10% off BetterYou Magnesium and Vitamin D sprays, below.


Vitamin D3 (if you live in the northern hemisphere or have dark skin)

Vitamin B12 (for vegetarians and vegans)

Probiotics (for better gut health, which most people could benefit from)

Omega 3 oils (again most people could do with more)

Greens powder (as a food based natural alternative to a multivitamin and mineral, as it is better absorbed by the body)


VITL do personalised vitamin packs (more info here) which you can get a discount on too.


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