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Ever attempted a diet plan or bought a best selling recipe book only find it doesn’t suit you or your lifestyle in any way?


That’s because as you know, Mums and our lives are very different to those of non-parents!


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It frustrates me too. All those pretty, restaurant worthy, beautifully photographed Instagram images that took 3 hours, a food stylist and professional lighting set up to capture.

NOT real life at all!

In fact a jacket potato or an omelette are a stretch for the busiest of Mums, heck if everyone is alive at the end of the day that’s a win right?!

Well I wanted to tackle this issue head on, so I wrote my own book!

And while I’m waiting for the finishing touches to be done you can get a FREE Chapter, instantly, today.


In it you’ll learn…

  • The reason all diets work, but only temporarily (and what you can do instead)
  • Why Mums find losing weight harder than others (and how to overcome these)
  • The 5 most important factors you need in your life to reach your goals and stay at them.


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