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No Motivation to Exercise?

no motivation to exercise

When you’ve got no motivation to exercise but you KNOW you need to get in shape, how do you kick yourself into gear and get started?


Getting back into an exercise routine after you’ve been out of the habit for a while, or starting for the first time, can be daunting.


What if you find it too hard?

Are you even fit enough to last more than 5 minutes?

What if you get injured or a previous injury flairs up again?

What if you just hate it and feel even less motivated afterwards?!

All these are perfectly justifiable worries but the first thing you need to do is stop being a fortune teller.

That is, stop trying to anticipate events and feelings that may not (likely won’t) even happen.

The next step is to lower the fear by not expecting yourself to be an athlete overnight, and know that’s just how it should be.

No one got incredibly fit or in amazing shape quickly. It takes time, patience and consistency.


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Watch the video for how to get started when you’ve got no motivation to exercise.

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