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Not Losing Weight on Low Carb?

not losing weight on low carb

If you’re not losing weight on a low carb diet then you’re going to have to change something to get the weight shifting.

It all starts with understanding why you’re not losing weight, and there could be various reasons for this.


Fundamentally to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, so that means consuming fewer calories than you’re burning.

To do this you can consume fewer calories, or burn off more through exercise and general movement, or best of all a combination of the two.


(watch this afterwards to; How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau)


Low carb diets are highly effective at helping people lose weight, since processed carbs such as sugar and refined flour products are easy to over eat, not very filling, and don’t keep blood sugar as steady as other foods, leading to more hunger and sugar cravings.

But a low carb diet isn’t foolproof and in fact it’s often not so much the lack of carbs, but the increase in protein and low carb (and low calorie) vegetables that make it effective, as protein & fibre (vegetables) is a very filling and sustaining way to eat that’s also nutritious.

But if you’ve tried a low carb diet and are still not losing weight then watch the video to learn the most common reasons you might be going wrong.

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