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Orange & Cranberry Protein Pow Pancakes

My husband likes food shopping, whereas I find it tedious. So I get him to do it whenever possible.

Only thing is he does it ‘man style’ – bulk buying perishables, forgetting that half a cow slow roasted might be delicious but isn’t so practical for week night suppers, and don’t get me started on the collection of jars of hot chilli sauce.

Last week he came home with cranberries (correctly knowing berries are super healthy) but not realising that they’re very sour raw and you need to ‘do something’ with them. Which leads me to…….

Orange & Cranberry Protein Pow Pancakes



Slice the orange into quarters then blend the whole orange (skin and all) to a puree.

orange cran pancake 1

Add the egg, Pow mix, cinnamon, baking powder and stevia if using and blend again to combine.

Pour the mix into a bowl and stir in 50g fresh cranberries.

orange cran pancake 3

Meanwhile simmer 100g fresh cranberries with a little water and stevia if you like, until soft enough to mush down to a lumpy sauce.

orange cran pancake 2

Cook the pancake in a pan greased with coconut oil either as one large pancake or three small ones. Serve with the warm cranberry coulis.

orange pancake 4

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