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Want a Custom Made Meal Plan?

I’ll Tell You EXACTLY What To Eat To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Simplified 

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Personalised Meal Plans perfectly
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A Diet That’s Right For You

This is a way to have expertly tailored meal plans designed exactly to your nutritional needs. Unlike generic magazine plans or ones you find in a book or online, these plans are built to suit your body to make sure you reach your goals.

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It’s YOUR Meal Plan

There’s no guess work on our part and this is not a one size fits all cookie-cutter menu; your plan will only be created following completion of an easy but thorough questionnaire, and meals and snacks will be curated according to the information you provide.

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Imagine not having to stress over what to eat at each meal, spend ages studying labels or trying to figure out how to make yummy family meals healthier.

You’d spend less time shopping and cooking, more time to get other things done,

And free up all that head space because that’s one less thing to think about,

Because all the mentally draining decision making has been done for you.

I’m a firm believer in educating and empowering you to learn how best to eat for your body,

Because when you’ve figures that out, you’ll be eating in a way that not only suits your lifestyle but makes you feel amazing, is enjoyable, and gives you the body and confidence you’ve been missing too.

These skills are what you learn on my BodyBack programme and are skills you can use for life, but

I appreciate that some people need a bit more hand holding in the beginning.

A guide, a template to follow, a starting point to kickstart good habits, motivation, and of course weight loss and better energy and health.

So that’s why I’ve started creating meal plans too, and you can have one!

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Not just any plan, this is..

  • taking all the guess work & headache out of trying to eat to lose weight
  • tailored to your personal calorie, protein, fat & carbohydrate needs
  • real ingredients bought from your normal supermarket
  • takes into account likes, dislikes & allergies
  • includes your fave foods more often
  • recipes and instructions for every meal
  • can be multiplied to cater for more family members

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That debate going on in your head over what to eat is exhausting – let me take that strain off your hands so you can get on with enjoying life.


How It Works

1. Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to an order page.

2. Upon receipt of your order you’ll be sent a confirmation email with a link to a questionnaire.

3. Complete and submit the form and we’ll get working on your plan right away.

4. Your finished plan will be with you within 3-5 working days.

5. Eat, enjoy, and finally reach your health goals!


The going rate for a custom meal plan for one month at the time of writing is about £100-150, but since I’ve purchased some software to speed the process up, I want to use this to save you money (as opposed to charging the same but being able to take on more work).

Therefore a six week complete meal plan as above is only £97 (making it better value, plus you’ll get more variety) – that’s just £2 a day for guaranteed results if you stick to your plan.

Upon payment you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out; get this back to me asap and I’ll get right on with creating your plan!

n.b if you have ever purchased a plan or programme from be before email me at polly@thefitmumformula.com to get your discount code to get £20 off!

Get Your Meal Plan Here!

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