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Portion Control for Weight Loss

portion control

When I ask Mums why they think they’re overweight, portion control, or rather, lack of it, is a fairly common response.


I would argue it’s too simple to say eat less.


  1. That would mean you were hungry, and less able to resist overeating later, and
  2. I have a big appetite personally, so eat big portions of some things and smaller portions of other foods, so as to stay full without consuming too many calories.


What size food portions should you be eating if you want to lose weight?

Unfortunately no one size fits all.

And it’s unlikely and plan you start on will be perfect for you – you’ll need to do some tweaking to get it right –

You’ll either not lose weight, or you’ll lose it but be tired and hungry all the time!

Somewhere in the middle there’s a sweet spot.

Either way keeping hunger under control while reducing calories if your aim, so in this video I outline how to start portioning your meals, then you can adjust it according to your progress and how you feel.

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