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Protein Pow + Green & Blacks Chocolate Cupcakes

Protein Pow + Green & Blacks Chocolate Cupcakes

I wanted to see if I could literally take any cake recipe and just swap the flour for one of Protein Pow’s baking mixes. So the rest of the ingredients are exactly the same as ‘traditional’ cake – butter, sugar etc. I used the whey one but I’ll try it with the pea mix too so watch out for that on a future post.

They’re actually Green and Blacks’ Mexican Mole chocolate muffins, though I left out the chilli as they were for the kids, so essentially they’re just chocolate muffins.

UNFORTUNATELY I’m pretty sure Green and Blacks will give me a slap on the wrist if I share their recipe, but you can buy the book here or by clicking on the picture (I don’t receive commission if you buy, but I do recommend it if you like chocolate of the not-so-healthy but amazingly delicious as a treat kind).


I have a free healthy baking cheat sheet that helps you recreate your own favourite baked treats using nutritious ingredients, you can grab it here!


It’s safe to say using the Pow whey mix worked perfectly, and the result are cupcakes that are gluten free and higher in fibre and protein than using white flour.

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