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How to Use Protein Powder to Make Healthier Food

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While protein powders are traditionally used to make protein shakes, in this article I’m going to show you some other ways of how to use protein powder in your meals and snacks to boost the protein content and make healthier food and snacks than if made with more refined, processed, lower protein ingredients.


Protein is important for loads of body functions including detoxification pathways (which makes protein-free vegetable juice detoxes a bit useless in that respect), immunity, and to give you healthy hair, skin and nails.


Protein is especially important for people who exercise regularly (which we all should be!) as it repairs and builds muscle.


But a Western diet is typically very low in protein and high in carbs, especially refined carbs like white flour and sugar.


Meat and fish eaters have a lot more protein foods to choose from so if you’re choosing to omit these then you’ll need to make sure you’re getting protein in elsewhere.


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Here are some tasty and healthy ways to use protein powder


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  1. Swap half the flour in cookies and cakes for protein powder. If you’re using a sweetened one you can omit the sugar too, or use natural stevia or mashed fruit to sweeten. If you’re new to using protein powder start small and use less flour and more powder over time as you get used to both the taste and texture and learn how cooking times for your favourite bakes may change slightly (whey often needs less as at burns more easily).


I have a free healthy baking cheat sheet that helps you recreate your own favourite baked treats using nutritious ingredients, you can grab it here!


  1. Substituting some of the oats in your porridge or overnight oats for protein powder will make it more filling, better for workout recovery, and will keep hunger low and energy steady for longer throughout the morning.


  1. If you like milkshakes, protein shakes and smoothies but have trouble digesting milk and yoghurt, plant protein powders like pea, hemp or rice (or a mix!) are a great way to add that protein back in without causing a reaction. Natural plant protein powders are hypoallergenic meaning it’s very unlikely anyone would have a reaction in any way.


  1. I adore pancakes – who doesn’t?! But refined wheat flour and dairy, often topped with sugary toppings, isn’t exactly the most nutritious meal! Pancakes made with protein powder, egg or flax eggs, mashed fruit or vegetables, nut butters and other nutritious ingredients are healthy, quick (just mix it up and pour into a hot pan) and can even be made in advance and reheated or eaten cold if you’re in a hurry.


  1. Pimp up a pizza base. Mix some protein powder into your cauliflower or gluten free flour pizza base mix for a more balanced meal – pizza is tasty but it’s not that high in protein so adding protein powder can give it a boost.


  1. Protein pasta. Yes really! Mix 120g whey with 2 eggs and kneed into a dough before cutting and boiling like fresh pasta.


  1. With ground nuts and nut butters in homemade protein bars & balls. Nuts are super nutritious and provide lots of healthy fats, but adding some protein to the mix will make them more filling and sustaining. Use a base of protein powder and ground almonds, or reduced fat peanut flour for a lower fat option, then add wet ingredients to bind.


Pulsin’ do a range of 100% natural, unflavoured protein powders which are a great base to add your own sweet or savoury flavours to depending on your preferences. The rich flavour of Hemp goes brilliantly with chocolate, while pea is thick and filling so wonderful in a hearty bowl of oats post workout.


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Experiment to see what works best in your favourite meals and you’ll see there’s way more to protein powder than just shakes!

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