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Reasons For Comfort Eating

comfort eating

There are many reasons for over eating, the most common being genuine hunger, cravings, and comfort eating.

This video will give you some tips on how to stop comfort eating.


Feeling genuinely hungry usually involves one or more of:

  • rumbling belly
  • irritability (hangry)
  • feeling weak or tired
  • headache
  • thirsty
  • poor concentration and focus
  • relieved by any food


Cravings on the other hand involve:

  • brain chemistry – low dopamine, serotonin or reward chemicals
  • low blood sugar
  • usually sugary foods, or foods high in starch + fat (crisps, chips, pizza, ice cream) are craved


Comfort Eating on the other hand:

  • comes on suddenly (hunger is gradual)
  • not relieved by eating
  • is more likely in a highly emotional state
  • is more common when tired and stressed
  • is not relieved by eating (you still feel stressed)
  • is usually specific foods, depending on what’s comforting to you, often something you’ve got comfort from in the past
  • induces guilt or shame, because you didn’t ‘need’ food


For some advice on how to manage hunger this blog is really good:

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