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Unusual reasons why you have you gained weight

gained weight

If you have gained weight without meaning to there will always be a reason behind it.


Nobody ever puts on or loses weight without an underlying reason – we’re physical beings, it’s science.


The question is, why have you gained weight?


When you know the answer to this, you can reverse the cause to reverse the weight gain.


This blog was prompted by a Facebook post by a friend, asking why people get fat.


The answers ranged from the unproven science based to blaming fast food chains to blaming the universe.

Some examples (anonymous, naturally):


  • Self hatred
  • Genes
  • Age, metabolism
  • Emotional trauma
  • Too much coffee
  • Too much sleep
  • Drugs and medications
  • Dysfunctional brain pathways
  • Not being aligned with your true self
  • Sugar / carbs
  • Insulin & hormonesBottom of Form


This is very interesting.


It is, in essence, denial in its finest.


The ONLY thing that makes a person gain weight, is eating more calories (energy) than they are burning.


Don’t believe me?


  • Stress, emotions – comfort eating = more calories
  • Hormones – increased hunger & cravings = more calories
  • Brain pathways – increased hunger & cravings = more calories
  • Sleep – less movement = less calories burned
  • Drugs – mostly influence hunger (steroids being an exception) = more calories
  • Sugar / carbs – easier to over eat than other foods = more calories
  • Age/metabolism – less muscle, less active = burn fewer calories
  • Caffeine – appetite stimulant in some (more calories) or cream/sugar/milk etc = more calories
  • Genes – increased hunger = more calories


The answer to almost any weight gain problem is to eat fewer calories.


Why you ate those extra calories in the first place is another question.


The best way to reduce those calories is a third question


I can’t answer those here, because each person is different.


That’s what my BodyBack members come to me for – to get the answers.


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