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8 Reasons to Get Fit (not including the obvious)

I can think of many obvious reasons to get fit such as maintaining a healthy weight, improving cardiovascular fitness and reducing the likelihood of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.


But the benefits of exercise and being fit and healthy go way beyond the obvious, and most people find that every area of their life improves as their fitness levels go up.


From friendships and family life to work, mental and emotional health, I can’t think of many areas that wouldn’t benefit from an increased level of fitness and improved health.


Here are 8 Reasons to Get Fit



  1. Feel younger.

Ever told your kids that ‘Mummy needs a rest’ when they want you to jump on the trampoline? Being fitter doesn’t just make you feel younger, it actually adds years to your life, as well as making those years more enjoyable from being able to live it to the full.


  1. Look younger.

Anyone who claims to be not ‘superficial’ enough to care about their appearance is lying – it’s a human instinct to want to look good, driven by our drive to attract a mate. Exercise boosts blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your skin, sweats out waste products, and tones your body. Goodbye old lady bingo wings!


  1. Sleep better.

The more you exercise, the more recovery you need. This can come in the form of meditation, warm baths with magnesium salts, massage or gentle stretching such as yoga, but you can’t beat a simple good night’s sleep. The good news is your body knows this, so by exercising you’re more likely to fall sleep quickly and get good quality, deep sleep.

As a bonus, more sleep equates to lower hunger hormones (ghrelin) and high leptin which keeps you full, so sticking to a healthy eating plan is easier when you’re well rested.


  1. Better sex drive.

While we’re on the topic of bedtime you (and your partner!) will be pleased to know that people who workout have both better body confidence (so more confidence in the bedroom department) but also are stronger and have more stamina! A healthy diet with nutrients such as zinc play an important role in both libido and fertility, so eating zinc rich oysters isn’t such an old wives’ tale after all!


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  1. Work smarter

More blood flow to your brain increases overall brain volume, and has been shown to improve memory and cognition, while reducing fatigue and ‘brain fog’. So the effects will likely carry over to your personal and working life too. Add to this brain supporting foods like omega 3 oils from fish or supplements and you’ll feel noticeable more ‘on the ball’ when it comes to tackling mentally taxing tasks.


  1. Be Happier.

Exercise is one of the most powerful antidepressants, thanks to the endorphins released, and the stress relief you get from channelling pent up frustration into your workout. Next time you feel really worked up, work it out instead! A simple set of bodyweight squats or sprinting on the spot might be all you need to feel better in less than a couple of minutes.


  1. More Confidence.

If body confidence is low then the increased confidence effects of exercise aren’t just about your changing body shape. Completing a workout, being able to run further or faster, lift heavier or just get through a workout without collapsing with exhaustion give you a real sense of accomplishment.


  1. Lead an Example.

As a parent you’ll have seen how kids copy what they’re shown rather than do as they’re told. Want your children to grow up into confident, healthy, happy, active adults? Show them how! Children are naturally active (as you’ll know whenever you actually want them to sit still) but school and sedentary (think TV & computer games) culture mean kids quickly outgrow this and develop habits of sitting on the sofa all day if they’re allowed. Make it more about games that are active rather than exercise and they’ll both find it more fun and are less likely to have unhealthy attitudes towards exercise.


Can you think of any other reasons to get fit (apart from the obvious health benefits) that I’ve not mentioned here? Comment below.


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