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Red Velvet Pancakes with Raspberry Coulis

Make that someone special in your life feel extra special with this Valentines themed fatloss breakfast. The (small amount of) effort required will mean more than any shop bought gift, especially if they’re watching their weight. Nothing says ‘you don’t listen to what I say’ more than a box of chocolates given to someone who’s trying to be healthier! Feel free to subtly forward this email to your significant other, ladies.

Valentines Red Velvet Pancakes with Raspberry coulis

Serves 2



2 bananas

2 eggs

2 tbsp. beetroot puree (boil or steam peeled beetroot then mash with a fork or potato masher)

2 tbsp. cocoa powder

½ tsp. vanilla extract

½ tsp. cinnamon

2 tsp. coconut oil

300g raspberries

1 tsp. stevia


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To make the coulis, simmer the raspberries and stevia in a saucepan with a little water, until it becomes mushy, then refrigerate.

Mash the bananas with the pureed the beetroot.

Sieve the cocoa powder into the mixture, then add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Fry in two batches in a non-stick frying pan (or use a little extra coconut oil).

Serve topped with the raspberry coulis.





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