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Petition for cheap healthy food with #DontTaxHealthy

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Something that seems to come up time and time again is that cheap healthy food is hard to come by.


It seems that supermarkets are keen to promote and put special offers on sugary junk foods, but fresh fruit and veg, as well as whole meats and fish, are much pricier.

A staggering 40% of 18-34 year olds, 30% across all age groups, said they cannot afford to purchase healthy food and drink because they are more expensive than other products, according to a new YouGov survey.

I will say that I see offers such as BOGOF and 3 for 2 on fresh vegetables all the time – I frequently take advantage of them.

Another tip is to raid the reduced sections than cook or freeze food when you get home.

Maybe it’s a case of priorities?

I see junk food as a cost to my and my family’s health, even if it’s easy on the wallet.

On the other hand nutritious whole foods are an investment in our health, probably more so than any expensive gym membership or health insurance policy.


There isn’t a lot that can’t at least be helped by good, nutritious food and positive lifestyle choices.


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But even so, making healthy food cheaper while adding taxes to less health giving foods makes complete sense.


People will buy (and eat) more healthy foods and less junk, be healthier as a result, which will in turn reduce the burden on the NHS who pick up the pieces when your waistline, blood sugar and heart are too much of a problem for you to deal with by yourself.


Charlie and Harry at (the very tasty & healthy) Oppo Ice Cream have teamed up with Sugarwise to create #DontTaxHealthy , a petition for a reduction in taxes on healthy foods, to make them more affordable and accessible to everyone.

#DontTaxHealthy are petitioning the government to change this through cutting VAT to the reduced rate of 5% on all lower sugar food and drink.

Charlie and Harry Thuillier, #DontTaxHealthy Campaign Founders and OPPO ice cream owners: “It’s ridiculous that British people are being taxed for making healthy food choices at a time when obesity and type 2 diabetes are costing the NHS £16 billion per year.”

Tam Fry, Spokesperson for the National Obesity Forum: “Both the food & drink industry and the UK government have a responsibility to encourage, rather than deter, healthier choices. The research released by #DontTaxHealthy clearly shows that shoppers in the UK find healthy food and drink more expensive. Price acts as a barrier to healthier purchases. We need to remove this.”

I am 100% behind the project and hope you’ll join me by signing the petition, sharing it on social media, and being able to play your part in creating a healthy life for everyone.


Sign the petition here or via the link below:

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