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Truth Origins Curcumin Drops Review

curcumin drops

Aching muscles after exercise, joint pain or IBS symptoms giving you grief? I gave Truth Origins curcumin drops a try, as the supplement has a lot of evidence to support it helps with inflammation.

Curcumin is a substance found in turmeric, a root that’s in the same family as ginger. It’s often used in Indian and Middle Eastern foods like curries and gives the food that yellow colour. But in recent years it’s got a lot of attention as a health supplement.


Australian made Truth Origins curcumin (in a supplement called Vitality) is in liquid drop form, and is combined with piperine (black pepper) and green tea extracts for better absorption, as well as biotin and vitamin B12. Like all their supplements, it’s vegan, non GMO, and contains no added chemicals or toxins.

curcumin drops


Why Curcumin?

curcumin drops

Curcumin is shown to be effective at helping with excess inflammation. Inflammation is a natural bodily process that helps heal (you’ll see it when you get an insect bite and it becomes red and raised, or the soreness that comes from a really hard workout if you’ve not exercised in a while). But in excess it causes further damage, so we really want to keep inflammation at the sweet spot that’s helpful, but not higher. It also supports digestion and immunity, heart function, blood circulation, respiratory tract health, and liver function.


But are they legit?

Two friends Harry and Trent, a medical practitioner with a Ph.D. in nutrition science and the Managing Director who studies the performance of athletes at all levels respectively, wanted to create science backed natural plant based supplements that enhance wellbeing and quality of life. The pair supported each other through cancer so their passion for health and longevity comes from deep personal reasons.

In a bid to battle the world of snake oil supplements Truth reference the scientific studies that back up their products, which you can read here if you’re interested

One of the things that makes this form of curcumin more effective is (and all their supplements are like this), it’s in a water soluble drop form, which makes it more bioavailable, aka it’s absorbed better and used more efficiently by the body. No point in taking supplements if they go right through you unused huh?! Nutrients that are water soluble are able to pass through the gut into the bloodstream more easily, it’s that simple.


Why would I need curcumin?

I workout 3 times a week normally. Intense HIIT circuits to strengthen my muscles and tone up. That can leave me sore and aching, especially if I’m feeling tired or been extra active elsewhere in life too. Post workout muscle soreness (DOMS) is normal, but it can be hard to not slump on the sofa for the rest of the day instead of being up and about doing things if I’m aching all over. Could supplementing with curcumin help? Aching muscles and a ‘tender’ soreness are familiar to anyone who exercises intensely. Helping reduce some of these symptoms could mean a person would feel more recovered sooner, making the next exercise session easier, and just helping to feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Sleep and good nutrition and #1 for recovery, but curcumin is something I’ve yet to try. I do like to keep up my workouts, so if there’s something out there that genuinely makes this easier I’ll take that!


How to take Truth Origins curcumin

Truth Origins helpfully provide a dosing chart depending on your needs. As someone who exercises regularly (and exercise induces inflammation), I went for 12 pumps per day, either in orange squash or orange flavoured vitamin C in water, as I preferred the taste this way. However what you may not know is that exercise induced inflammation is actually part of the adaptation process, that is, it’s necessary in order for muscles to repair and become stronger. For this reason I took the drops first thing in the morning, avoiding the post-workout hours when I want some ‘beneficial’ inflammation. Having it at the same time each day also created a habit so I wouldn’t forget!

curcumin drops

Another note on dose – do stick to the recommended amounts, as you can have too much of a good thing. And if you’re unsure check with your doctor if you have health conditions or are on medications that may interact. There are no known interactions between any of the products and medications, but if you’re in doubt, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


A recipe for health?

In case you get bored of drinking the drops in water and want to experiment with the unique fruity flavour, you can even add the drops to recipes! How about curcuminbread cookies or a refreshing anti-inflammatory smoothie bowl?!


What are my experiences?

curcumin drops

The thing is with supplements is some you might feel the effects of pretty quickly. Such as iron; if you’re anaemic and start taking iron, your energy levels and concentration should improve within days. Other nutrients are slow burners, working away inside your body gradually, and the effects felt are much more gradual. Such is the case with curcumin, where most studies show benefits appearing between 4-8 weeks. These are studies which use placebos alongside the genuine supplement, so the effects are real, but nevertheless not felt overnight.

Other factors which play a part in how soon, and how pronounced, the benefits you’ll feel are, are age, body weight, general health and fitness levels, what your diet, alcohol and nicotine intake are (if any, with the latter two), and what it is you’re trying to help, such as aching osteoarthritic joints, post workout soreness, or allergies to name just a few reasons a person may try curcumin drops.

And even then there may be other factors contributing to feeling better, such as a better diet or more sleep. That’s why it’s important not to waste your money on things which may only be helping you as a placebo, and to be able to trust the science behind a supplement.

I’m definitely going to be continuing taking my curcumin drops every day knowing that they’re doing me good and the positive effects will build up over time.


Want to know more?

Truth Origins also make vitamin d, omegas, and vitamin c drops, and you can get this vitality product I tried in sachets which are handy and portable.

Get £10 off any Truth Origins order with discount code TFMF10 on their website here

And check out more about the brand via the links below.


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