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UK Sugar Report & “Sugar Tax” – WatchFit Experts Respond Pt. 2

Following on from Part 1, explore Watchfit Experts thoughts on the role and responsibility of advertising and so-called ‘health’ foods . They also offer practical advice on how to curb the obesity epidemics, and the responsibility we all have to ensure a healthy future for our communities.


The ‘Healthy’ foods that aren’t

I wrote: “Should we all be sugar-free for life? I think that’s an equally ridiculous notion. Sugar has its place – in sports nutrition in more advanced athletes, at birthday parties, ice cream on the beach. When it comes to sugary drinks, it’s clearly so simple to create sugar free versions that surely it’s a no-brainer. I’m not saying artificial sweeteners are great either, but on balance I personally think they’re the better of two evils.

Balance, and discouraging people to consume unhealthy, sugar-laden products, can only help.


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