Sneak Peak of the Fit Mum Weight Loss Programme - THE FIT MUM FORMULA

Sneak Peak of the Fit Mum Weight Loss Programme

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If you want to part with your heard earned cash to join a weight loss programme this month then you’ll want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth and the end results are as promised.

Well as for the second point, to name just a few success stories –


Louise lost 7lb in her first fortnight

Margaret lost 6lb in her first month and doesn’t feel hungry at all

Karen’s motivation was reignited and she learned to look after herself in a way she’d not done in years

Isabel wore swimwear on the beach for the first time since having kids

Amy thought the food and exercise plans were “so simple” and she “loved them”


So if results like that sound like what you’re looking for then definitely check out this video and see what’s behind the scenes of the Member Portal, where all the information and resources are held for easy access.

This is the welcome video that’s on the dashboard of the portal so that new members don’t have to spend hours navigating themselves round the site to find what they’re looking for.

The programme itself delivers various features that give you all the tools you need to look and feel your best:


  • MODULAR COURSE STRUCTURE – work through the programme in a systematic order that makes it easy, logical and progressive
  • ONLINE WORKOUT VIDEOS – do them whenever suits you
  • MEAL PLANNING TEMPLATES – create healthy meals using whatever is in your fridge
  • RECIPE ARCHIVE – for when you have a little more time or are feeling creative
  • VIDEO  LESSONS – covering every topic I am every asked about
  • PRIVATE SUPPORT GROUP – for easy access to me directly whenever you need it

Why is this system so popular with Mums?

Because I’m a Mum myself and understand that our lives are different to that of non-parents. We revolve around family life and have very little time and energy left for ourselves.

That’s why everything I create has to be:

  • EASY – follow it even when you can’t think through sleep deprivation
  • QUICK – school / work day friendly
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY – no separate meals for Mum
  • AFFORDABLE – because children are expensive enough
  • SUPPORTED – us Mums need to be understood by likeminded Mums, and need someone to turn to when things get challenging

For more information about the BodyBack programme please visit

Click on the video below to see inside the BodyBack Membership Portal.

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