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Weight Loss Tips for the Sleep Deprived Mum

sleep deprived mum

If you’re a Mum you probably know from experience that when you are sleep deprived it’s so much harder to eat healthily.


And yet because we are always under such stress (even if kids are a good stress, they’re still stressful!), that’s the very reason we need to look after ourselves and our health.


Eating more or reaching for sugary snacks for a few reasons:-


Lack of sleep increases the hunger hormone ghrelin while increasing leptin, so we feel hungrier when tired.


This lack of energy also makes our body reach for energy dense, high fat and sugar snacks to keep us going.


And finally willpower is at it’s lowest when we are stressed and tired.


It’s not our fault


Unfortunately it’s all very well knowing that sleep is good for both our physical and mental health, but try telling that to a young child who has nightmares, is a compulsive early riser, or simply refuses to stay in their bed all night!


When it comes to sorting those issues look no further than The Sleep Nanny aka Lucy Shrimpton, who is the expert in the field of baby and child sleep regulation.


Lucy invited me onto her podcast to help her Mums stay healthy and eat well even when sleep deprived and stressed out, and I know you’ll really benefit from having a listen too.


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