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WellBoxes Healthy Snack Box Review

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Flowers and cards getting done but want to say thank you? A healthy snack box from WellBoxes is a nutritious and generous alternative to bland gifts and generic fruit baskets that can perk someone up when they need a lift.

Everyone knows healthy eating is, well, healthy, but sometimes it seems like too much effort to figure out what to buy when there’s so much other stuff going on in your life.

I know personally that having kids home 24/7 while trying to work was a brain ache to put it mildly. I didn’t have much mental energy left for cooking and often turned a blind eye when hubby went out and bought boxes of biscuits and more chocolate ice cream. At least there was something to eat in the house rather than nothing.

I know very well what healthy eating is (of course – I’m nutrition qualified), but I’m only human and I get tired. Especially mentally tired, being a Mum too. There’s only so much space in my head!

So when WellBoxes asked if they could send me a box of goodies to try I wasn’t going to say no. Yes I am taking time to write this, but I now don’t have to buy snacks for the next month so I consider that a time-net win ha.

I was sent a Sustain box.

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Each box contains 22 items and you can choose the standard box or one that is gluten and dairy free, vegan and halal (mine was the standard one)

The box costs £29.95 +VAT and for each box that is purchased a meal is donated to a local person through local charities the company work with.

Other boxes available include the smaller Refuel, and the Employee Appreciation Box to gift to one, or a team of employees. Healthy eating means a healthier brain = more productive employees too, as well as better mental health. Better than junk filled vending machines and cupboards full of biscuits any day! Find out more here


My Box Contents

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Nudie Snacks coconut chips (salted cocoa flavour) – these don’t taste like coconut, in fact I opened the pack immediately to try them and had to seal it again before I kept munching as they are so good but we were about to eat supper!

Nine salted caramel seed bar – I love a nut/seed bar. Nuts & seeds are so good for you, but I find them a bit boring by themselves.

Wallaroo dried mango – Bella spotted this before I put it away and insisted this was her’s.

Trek dark chocolate and orange protein nut bar – I gave this to hubby as he loves chocolate nut combos but I’m trying to get him off the junk versions.

I Love Snacks roasted and salted nuts – I tend to open a pack of nuts and pick at it over time (clothes pegs are all over open packs in my house ha ha). So that’s exactly what’s happened again. Sometimes all you need is a nibble though right?!

Nudie Snacks chilli & lime roasted chickpeas  – hubby is the spicy lover in this house – things like this get him away from junk though.

Frutina real fruit snack, two flavours – the youngest loves these fruit bar things, these are 100% fruit with no added anything.

Perkier Cranberry & Goji bar – with seeds, protein crisps and fruit for slow-release energy.

Nakd blueberry muffin bar – I love Nakd bars, they taste like a real treat!

Nudie Snacks roasted lentils – a healthier high fibre snack great for crisp lovers.

Yoghurt Covered Cranberries – I’ll keep these to go in the youngest’s packed lunch. I’m always looking out for healthier things she’ll actually eat.

I Love Snacks olives – I often have olives in the fridge to add to salads etc. but a snack pack size is something I’ll put in a packed lunch if I’m out for the day.

Chewy Moon pumpkin banana fingers – I was sceptical as I hate dried banana snacks but these weren’t too bananery. Is that even a word?!

I Love Corn sea salt corn snack, and bbq flavour too – like salted nuts, but corn, so a slightly different texture (they’re lighter).

Get Fruity mixed berry bar – made with natural fruit sugars, and lower overall in sugar than most kids’ snack bars.

I Love Snacks 70% dark chocolate pieces – I hid these, these are for me and me only ha

Proper Corn sweet & salty popcorn. We’ve bought this before and the kids made me promise that was for them to have at a sleepover with their friends.

Buttermilk chocolate caramel sea salt fudge – still sugary but made with all natural ingredients

Mr Filberts chilli & lime peanuts – another hubby snack, us girls don’t like chilli


So there’s a bit of everything in the box we got, nothing is going to waste and I’ve even put a few bits aside in the ‘packed lunch extras’ box; the nut free bits like fruit bars and dried fruit in particular.

You can find out more about WellBoxes here. Whether you’re the boss trying to boost morale, want to send a unique gift to a friend, or like me are a busy Mum who hates food shopping, the boxes keep snacking interesting while being healthy at the same time!


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