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What a Nutritionist Eats in a Day

what a nutritionist eats

When you ask what a Nutritionist eats in a day you’d expect the answers to be healthy, but are they realistic diets for you to follow too?


Skincare & Supplement company LumityLife asked me and two other Nutritionists what a typical day’s food looks like and one thing stood out quite profoundly.


As a parent, my daily diet was considerably simpler than the other two!

To be fair one of the other ladies does have kids too, but I guess it comes down to priorities as well as how much time you have to prep and cook food, and also whether you enjoy it.

Me? I like eating, don’t we all! But My life does not revolve around it and while I like being creative, feeding two kids and a husband too can really take the fun out of cooking.

But I do like to feel good so I have the energy to enjoy life to the max, and that means eating a really healthy diet most of the time.

I’ve posted my day’s food below but have a read of the others here, what do you think?

There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but coconut and turmeric stew and homemade CDB balls are just a little out of my zone of comfort for a weekday.

Ok you got me, I’m lazy. But point proven, you can be time poor, lacking in creativity, or just lazy, and still eat well!


Here’s my average daily diet:

“My diet is high in protein and fibre ( from fruit and vegetables). I exercise and protein helps repair and build muscle while fruit and veg provide antioxidants and vitamins needed for all bodily functions.
“In addition at only 5’2 my calorie needs aren’t very high so lots of protein and vegetables helps keeps me full without adding loads of extra calories.”

“If I’m doing an early morning workout I’ll have a protein shake upon waking, usually by adding protein powder to my coffee! I use vegan blends as I find them easier to digest.
“After the school run I’ll have breakfast which could be egg and banana pancakes, or protein porridge (oats and protein powder) and always with a decent portion of fruit such as berries.”

“Lunch is usually around 2 and as I’m quite busy during the day I’ll throw various veggies on a plate with protein. I have a nightshade intolerance so can’t eat tomatoes, peppers or potatoes so have to get creative to make salads varied and colourful. Leafy greens, beetroot and cooked leftover veg from the night before often feature, then I might add cooked chicken, ham, salmon, tuna, sometimes chickpeas or beans drained from a tin, maybe a sprinkle of capers or lactose free Parmesan cheese for extra flavour! I prefer to get fats from food such as oily fish or whole olives than liquid oils as food is more filling, so I dress salads with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice, salt & pepper.”

Afternoon snack
“Mid afternoon I’ll have a snack which could be thick soy yoghurt (I’m lactose intolerant) mixed with protein powder or peanut butter and fruit, or if I’m out and about a nut bar or vegan protein bar.”

“In the evening I prefer a hot meal of cooked vegetables as they’re easier to digest and a warm comforting meal helps me sleep! I love roasting vegetables like onions and cauliflower as it brings out the flavours, or stir frying a medley of whatever I have in the fridge. Salmon fillets, a whole roast chicken, or simply an omelette might be my protein of choice, sometimes with some sweet potato or lentils if I want some extra carbs.”

“At bedtime I make a hot chocolate with almond milk, cocoa powder and stevia, my preferred sweetener.

“It sounds very virtuous but I’m a sucker for eating kids leftovers, though I feed my kids nutritious food too so it’s not all bad! And if there’s chocolate in the house I’ll always have a bit. If I’m peckish between meals and snacks I’ll pick at low sugar seedy granola, it’s so tasty but the one I buy is not sugary junk like so many cereals are.

“I love tea but try and stick to 2-3 cups a day and max one cup of coffee, after that it’s decaf only, especially from mid afternoon onwards as I don’t want to disrupt my sleep. I also drink hot water with lemon and green tea. I do drink alcohol but only on occasion like if I’m out with friends or at a party, so only about twice a month.”


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