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What Foods Have Fibre in them and Why SHOULD I eat fibre?

what foods have fibre

Fibre can help with everything from bloating to weight loss, but what foods have fibre in them?

Fibre is a dieter’s best friend because it expands in your gut and makes you feel fuller for longer, and on less food, as it slows food breakdown.


It’s also fantastic for gut health, as your ‘good’ bacteria feed off fibre. Only some (not all) IBS sufferes may need to have a smaller limit on fibre if it aggravates their condition.

Fibre helps constipation in particular. If that’s your problem then prunes are also excellent, like in this tasty prune tea loaf. 

Fibre is found in grains, but even better for people needing to reduce calories are fruit and vegetables, as not only are they low calorie and water rich (bulky), they also contain tonnes of vitamins. The less you eat (and you will be eating less of some foods when reducing calories) the more important it is to choose good quality nutrient dense foods over ’empty calories’ like junk food.

The UK Government advises a minimum 5 portions a day of fruit and veg (counting juice, smoothies or dried fruit only once) but personally I think 10 is better. Yes it’s possible, but if you don’t eat much then work up slowly.

Here’s some easy ways to eat more vegetables.

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