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What’s The Best Diet for Weight Loss?

what's the best diet

If you need to lose weight or improve your health then you’re probably wondering, what’s the best diet to go on?


The answer will depend on a number of things:


– your body type
– budget to spend on food
– food likes/dislikes
– allergies and intolerances
– the time you have to prepare food
– your nutritional knowledge
– whether organic, fair trade etc is important to you
– religious or ethical beliefs


(watch this afterwards too > What’s the best diet for weight loss?)


However there are some common themes between ALL good diets:

They increase your awareness of food and nutrition

They focus on quality

They eliminate your deficiencies

They are satisfying and control hunger and cravings

If it’s a weight loss diet, it will naturally and easily result in a calorie deficit

Good sleep, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are also encouraged.

Is your chosen diet covering all these bases? Is it the best diet for you?

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