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Which Comes First, Motivation or Results?

You might say it is obvious, you have to begin first or you will not see results. Well that is true, but that is not to say you are going to feel motivated before you make that start.

Motivation comes in many forms – perhaps you’ve been given a health warning and need to make serious changes to your diet and lifestyle. Maybe you’ve tried every diet going and are desperate to find something that works for you.

Or maybe you just want to look and more importantly feel great.

However once you embark on a health and fitness system that works for you and you begin to feel the benefits from it, those improvements can be an incentive in themselves to keep going. Who wouldn’t want to feel that good permanently?

The physical, physiological and psychological changes that take place when you exercise and eat well are vouched by anyone who follows such a lifestyle; weight management, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, increased energy, better skin, improved digestion, better sleep, stress relief and reduced anxiety and depression to name just a few.

But in order to feel these benefits, you have to make the necessary diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, and you may not feel the benefits overnight either.

So how do you get round this chicken and egg situation? You can’t, you just have to take our word for it and as a well known sporting apparel retailer would say, just do it.

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