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Why Another Mum Made Me Cry

If you’re a Mum (and most of you reading this are) you’ll have an invaluable network around you.

You see them at the school drop off, nursery pick up, toddler group, playdates, or even at work when you don’t have the kids with you.

Other Mums.

Kindred spirits.

Other super-humans (you grew someone inside you, for goodness sake!) who get you.

We understand the extreme polarising nature of Motherhood….

The disturbed sleep (which does NOT end at 6 months post-birth).

The first ‘real’ smile.

The vomit on the carpet.

The handmade card.

The stretchmarks.

The cuddles.

Mums are amazing.

But nobody says this do they?

Since nearly every other person on the planet becomes a Mum, the enormity of what you do goes unnoticed.

Only other Mums know……we know how amazing you are even if we don’t always say it.

I’ll be honest I’ve been so wrapped up in growing The Fit Mum Formula in recent months life has suddenly flown by.

My first born is about to turn 7.

My 3 yr old watches far too much TV.

I get tired and grouchy, I’m up working before 6am so that I can still do ‘Mum’ stuff, and I still feel guilty that I don’t do enough.

I bet you feel guilty too – not because you should, but because Mums are hard wired to feel guilty right?

So it warmed me to tears today when I got an email saying some other entrepreneurial Mums have nominated me for ‘Business Growth Of The Year’ at the Networking Mummies Recognition Awards.

Now just so you know you can actually nominate yourself in these awards, and hands up I’ve done that before, but I’ve just been so busy focusing on the ‘big stuff’ that I didn’t get round to it.

I probably should have taken time to nominate other business Mums, too, but, well, see above ^^.


Is it an Academy Award? No.

Will it make me a millionaire? Not directly.

Why does it matter?

Because it reminded me that no matter what, however tired, stressed, overworked, busy, or guilty we feel,

Mums support each other, and always will.

I don’t even mind if I don’t win, because I feel like I already have.

I have amazing, supportive Mums around me, and I hope that I can be an invaluable support to you too.

Ok so The Fit Mum Formula is about weightloss and feeling confident in your bikini or new summer shorts (I’d say party dress but let’s get real how often do we get to go out on the town?!).

But I’m a Mummy too and I ‘get’ you, and your struggles, your trials and joys.

I’ve got a Facebook group set up for Mums so if you need a non-judgemental place to ask for help and get support, you can come and join if you like.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/weightlossandfitnessformums/


Anyhoooo Daddy will be back soon from an hour at the pub with the munchkins (apparently they love it) and since it’s half term we’re going to the theatre to watch something about dinosaurs and I’ll treat them to ice cream in the interval, so time to ‘log off’.

Then I’ll spend the evening feeling guilty I’m rotting their teeth and I’ve given them nightmares.


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