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Why are some people naturally skinny?

naturally skinny

Do you have a friend who’s naturally skinny? So unfair isn’t it! But maybe there’s more to their slim physiques that just a super fast metabolism after all.

Earlier this year there was a show on Channel 4 called ‘The Truth About Slim People‘ which followed supposedly naturally slim people as they go about their day, what they do, how they move, what they eat, when they sleep…. and then this should explain why they’re slim.

All sorts of possible reasons came up, from eating slowly to sleeping lots to not snacking to being relaxed, but do any of these really stop you gaining weight?

That’s Life Magazine asked me to clear up the science and myths or truth behind the show’s commentator’s thoughts.

You can read my responses in the magazine, just click here or on the picture below to be taken to the PDF of the article.


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