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The Scales Will Make Fools Of You

They’ve been the cause of many a panic, headache, bad mood, as well as joy, pride and feelings of self-control. Tears are shed and frustration, anger and disappointment take hold. The scales sure do have us under their thumb don’t they. I doubt there’s a person reading this who hasn’t at some point got on […]

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Don’t Give Up On Lent

Anyone giving up anything for lent this year? Do you feel pressure that you SHOULD be giving up some vice of yours for the 40 day duration of lent – chocolate, cigarettes, browsing Instagram after 9pm?! Lent is a Christian festival comprising the 40 days leading up to Easter, whereby people give up luxuries (it used […]

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Fitness Fanatics Have Higher Sex Drives

It’s true! Eating well, exercise and being a healthy weight with a healthy body fat % is very likely to increase a person’s sex drive. HOWEVER it’s not for the reasons you might think. So not many people are going to feel particularly confident, sexy or energetic if they’re carrying an extra two stone and […]

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Health Trend Predictions for 2014 – What’s In Store This Year?

Anyone picked up a magazine or newspaper this month to find it’s not mentioned weightloss? No me neither. January is the most popular month for embarking on health, fitness and weight management regimes, closely followed by the late Spring/early Summer pre-bikini season.   So what do the media make of all this?   We’ll if […]

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Making A Habit A Habit.

I’d like to talk about habits. Habits are great. They are what people who are consistently fit and lean do. And the best bit? You don’t even realise you’re doing them! Because that’s what a habit is – it’s done unconsciously, automatically, without a second thought at all, and is therefore completely effortless. You’ve heard […]

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New Year New You

  January 1st. The day we start the diet/stop smoking/join the gym/whatever. Or perhaps January 2nd, to give us a day to get over the hangover and polish off what’s left of the Christmas chocolates. Either way the tradition of making resolutions at the turn of the New Year can be dated back 4000 years […]

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Advent, derived from the Latin word for ‘coming’, is the term given to the three weeks leading up to Christmas, or more specifically, the birth of Jesus. Many of you doing The Fit Mum Formula’s Bodyback programme are Mums; do you remember those final weeks? How could you forget, right?! Backache, heartburn, swollen ankles, Braxton […]

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What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fat percentage is, quite literally, the percentage of your body that is made up of fat. The remaining percentage includes water, bones, organs, and muscle tissue etc. It is not the same as BMI which measures height versus weight. Two people with the same BMI can have a different body fat percentage. The higher […]

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Weight Loss V Fat Loss

Weight Loss v Fat Loss So you have lost weight, fab! Or is it? What did you lose? Fat? Fantastic. Water? Ok, if you had excess. Muscle? Uh Oh. You see, what we really mean when we want to lose weight is that we want to be smaller, go down a dress size, and tone […]

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