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7 Healthy Tips You Can Start Today

healthy tips

Why is it that people make such a palava over starting a new diet plan or exercise regime? These 7 healthy tips are easy, free, and you can literally start them today, now!   Often when I speak to my Mum-clients for the first time they tell me they’re going to go shopping at the […]

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8 Reasons to Get Fit (not including the obvious)

I can think of many obvious reasons to get fit such as maintaining a healthy weight, improving cardiovascular fitness and reducing the likelihood of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.   But the benefits of exercise and being fit and healthy go way beyond the obvious, and most people find that every area […]

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8 Shocking Facts about Diet Companies

shocking facts diet companies

There are 2,431 reviews of diet companies and supplements on a popular diet review site I found at the time of writing, from fat burner supplements to meal replacement plans and food exclusion protocols.   Dieting is big business and these companies are cashing in any way they can on your body insecurities.   But […]

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Why Are You Always Hungry?

always hungry

Being always hungry when trying to lose weight is extremely frustrating.   After all you need to eat less but being hungry makes you miserable, uncomfortable, and are much more likely to fall off the wagon.   Maybe you’ve always had a big appetite or maybe this is something that’s started happening more recently, but […]

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The Sleep and Weight Loss Connection

sleep and weight loss

You might not think sleep and weight loss are connected but in fact when you’re asleep is when the magic happens.   As they say, it’s not in the gym where the progress is made, it’s when you’re resting afterwards.   However if you’re a busy Mum chances are your sleep has taken a hit […]

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How Stop Making Excuses for Poor Lifestyle Choices

stop making excuses

You can do what you need to or you can keep making excuses, but you can’t do both.   Person ‘X’ (anon, but a real story) in their early forties, is two stone overweight, separated from partner with two young children in primary school, has a history of minor back injuries, owns no workout clothing […]

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The Dirty Secrets Behind Before and After Photos.

before and after photos

Before and After photos are any weight loss company’s favourite way to persuade you that their product can get results. But did you know that it is not only possible but also very commonly done to either use clever ticks to enhance the appearance of a person in a photo, manipulate the images to show […]

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Fallen off the Wagon? 7 Tips to get back on the Diet

fallen off the wagon diet

Have you fallen off the wagon and need some inspiration to get back onto your healthy diet and exercise plan?   It happens – whether it’s life that gets in the way or our own motivation waning, you can’t expect progress to be perfect and linear all the time.   The important thing is you […]

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Fitspiration for Mums

fitspiration for mums

Scroll through Instagram or open a women’s fitness magazine in search of some fitspiration to get you motivated and you’re more likely to be met with skinny models and full time bloggers who are closer to being a child themselves than having a young family at home to care for. Which is why determined Mum […]

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How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind to Lose Weight

subconscious lose weight

Did you know that your subconscious mind may be the reason you can’t lose weight?   You make conscious decisions every day, about what to eat (or not eat), whether to exercise or not, and thousands of other decisions that determine your health and weight loss progress.   Or do you?   The mind has […]

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