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As a health & fitness professional I get asked all the time to promote products but to me honest, most just don't make the cut. You can trust everything on this page is fantastic in every way!

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Food and Drink

equals health healthy meal delivery

Get 15% off Equals Health home delivered healthy meals with code TFMF19 here.

Founded by BBC's 'The Apprentice' Harrison Jones, these meals are delicious, fresh and extremely affordable. Read my review here!

Get 5% off all healthy food, drink and household goods at with code      POLLY-0306 here!

Love healthy food but wish it was cheaper? buywholefoodsonline have loads of healthy foods, meals, drinks, snacks, ingredients and more at great prices and using minimal packaging. Use code POLLY-0306 here. 

pulsin protein

Get 20% of all Pulsin' orders over £20 with code PTC20 at the checkout at

All natural protein and snack bars, protein powders, baking ingredients and even a range of healthy kids' snacks. 
No artificial or GM foods, using sustainable and ethical ingredients, with gluten and dairy free and vegan options available. 

fitbakes low calorie cake review

FitBakes Low Calorie Cakes; get 10% off!

Healthy cakes that taste like real cake?! Yes please!

Made with all natural ingredients, low calorie and totally delicious, get 10% off any orders with code POLY10 here.

Get 20% off  your first month of Treat Trunk Healthy Snack Boxes with code TFMF20 here!

Healthy sweet and savoury snacks and treats for all the family. Subscribe to get monthly or quality boxes or just a one off for you or as a gift. 

Get 5% off Awesome Supplements with code POLLYH05 here.

Awesome are just that - the best tasting vegan protein I've ever tried, and an easy to digest whey protein. Both go great in shakes, pancakes, porridge and more.


VITL Personalised High Quality Vitamins

Free Health Consultation and 2 weeks' free vitamins!!

VITL are more than just a supplements creator; they're offering you a free consultation that will determine exactly what you personally need, from probiotics for gut health to Vitamin D & omega oils for brain & mood health. Click HERE and visit the 'Personalised' tab under the Products menu, then 2 week's free when you order a personalised supplement subscription with code FITMUMVITAMINS 

awesome supplements discount review

Get 5% off Awesome Supplements with code POLLYH05 here.

Awesome are just that - only the things you really need, none of the stuff you don't. I personally love the 'Daily Dose' multivitamins and delicious orange Electrolytes in hot weather.

High Quality Vitamin sprays and topical magnesium (excellent for relaxation and muscle recovery)

10% off all BetterYou vitamin sprays, supplements, and topical & bath products including relaxing magnesium soaks and children's vitamin D, plus home vitamin D testing, with code FITMUMFORMULA Here.

Pure CBD Oil, UK company, Lab tested, from Bristol CBD.

Helps with anxiety, immunity, sleep disorders, chronic pain and more. Get 15% off all orders over £25 plus free shipping at with code FITMUM15 Here. 

Immunity Vitamin Packs

Save 15% on your first month of VITL's new Immunity supplement packs with discount code IMMUNITY15. visit

Water Soluble Supplements

Truth Origins supplement drops are highly absorbable. Use discount code TFMF10 for £10 off all orders here.

Talika Eyebrow Expert

Not cheap, but this stuff stopped my Mum's eyebrows and eyelashes falling out during chemotherapy, it's that good. 


leigh peele starve mode

Ruined Metabolism? Painfully slow or no weight loss?

Leigh Peele's incredible book (plus bonuses) Starve Mode explains how and why your body behaves how it does, and importantly, what you can do about it. You'll discover if or why your body refuses to burn fat, why your metabolism might not be optimal, and how to fix it. I LOVE this book, I can't recommend it enough! Get It Here. 

The Sleep Nanny System Book

An affordable way to get the solutions and protocols backed by science, from a certified child sleep trainer.

Get your copy here!

Health Testing

£20 off DNA Health Analysis!

With this test - which only requires a saliva sample you can take at home - you'll access nutritional insights that'll last a lifetime about these key genetic traits. Caffeine and alcohol metabolism, vitamin absorption, metabolic rate and the 'fat gene', Vitamin D requirements, Digestion & IBS and more. Click HERE and use code FITMUMDNAOFFER after adding to your basket to get £20 off the RRP.

Get 15% off Thriva home health tests at the checkout (plus refer a friend rewards) with FITMUM15 at the checkout at 

Get blood test data of important health markers with comprehensive home tests that don't require a visit to your GP.
Your easy to use finger prick blood test is sent to a lab to be assessed and explained by a qualified doctor, and your results and any necessary recommendations emailed to you.
Test for a large variety of health markers including blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, vitamin D, testosterone, vitamin B12 and more. 

Get 15% off a Thriva Female Hormone or Menopause test with code FITMUM15 here 

Irregular, missed or heavy periods, spotting, PCOS, mood swings or trouble conceiving? Find out what's going on with a simple home test that's analysed properly by doctors in a lab. 

At-home Vitamin D blood level Testing

Get 10% Off at at home Vitamin D test (a simple finger prick test you pop in the post) from BetterYou. Analysed by credible NHS services, you'll find out if your Vitamin D levels are low and if you'd benefit from a supplement. Use code FITMUMFORMULA to get 10% off here. 


Get 30% off Sundried clothing with code TFMF245A at

UK made Ethical workout clothing (low carbon footprint) made of eco friendly materials that dry quickly naturally - no tumble dryer needed!
The four way stretch fabric draws water away from the skin to keep you cool & dry in Summer, warm and dry in Winter!

Online Programmes and Courses

Plans for both C-Section and Natural Births.

Videos, guidebooks, 8 week exercise programme and more included. 

The Core + Pelvic Restore Programme with award winning post-natal specialist Jessie Mundell

If you're not ready to exercise due to pregnancy tummy & pelvic floor problems then this is a fantastic programme to get you ready and repaired so you're safe to continue on with your fitness journey. Click Here to learn more about this amazing plan.

The Sleep Nanny Ultimate Sleep Solutions

The Complete Guide to getting your kids to sleep, from newborn to into the childhood years. 

Check it out here!


MyFitnessPal food tracking App

Count calories, protein, fat and carbs with this easy to use app. Thousands of branded foods on the database as well as restaurant meals. The easiest way to eat well, flexibly. Get the app here.

Headspace Meditation App

I've tried a few meditation apps and this is my favourite. In fact I don't attempt to fall asleep without it! A must have for stressed out Mums. Get the app here. 


Get rewards for being healthy! Earn cinema tickets, meals and drinks vouchers as well as discounts on hundreds of products and holidays. (Plus a FREE 21 Day Meal & Exercise Plan plus Skype consult with me worth £147!)

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