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Sue & Sophie Radford as seen on Channel 4's
'16 Kids and Counting'

Tara Mum of two

​“I did this before I was pregnant and really saw results. It's great having your exercise plan available on your laptop/ PC etc so you can do it anywhere. Really helpful advice and tips and better than the gym. Loved it! Lost 2 inches on my hips and an inch on my waist and I don't feel like I'm dieting, just making healthy choices."

​“I thought it was the easiest way to get fit with having kids. The workouts are 30 mins long but really effective. I've lost 7lb so far, feel amazing, and never feel hungry or like I'm missing out xxx”

Margaret Mum, Teacher
Amy Mum to toddler

​“Really like the style of your workouts and the easy food planner, I'm a big believer in keeping things simple and your programme has worked really well for me so far. I feel so much more energised and did a pretty good job of sticking to the eating plan too."

​“I've managed to get a grip on my sweet tooth since starting TFMF which is amazing for me.”

ClareStay at home Mum

​“I have (apart from a couple of moments) stuck to the eating formula and am feeling much better for it. Even the kids are eating more healthily, and my boyfriend is having to be default! lol..
Today is day one of my not wanting cola - even though there are still bottles in the house.
Must be looking better though as have had loads of people commenting on my weight!”

(after 2 weeks on the BodyBack programme)
just off to uni so busy day ahead but had to share that i've just jumped on the scales (couldn't fight the urge any longer) and I've lost 0.8kg weight and 4% body fat ... not sure if that's good or bad but i'm pleased its going in the right direction with little changes.

​(after 1 month): “I have lost 6 pounds! M x”

MichelleYoung People's Outreach Worker
HannahAccount Manager

​“I feel so much more energised”

​“I've learned so much from Pollyanna Hale - you've made me actually hear the advice rather than me just vacantly nodding- it's been all about planning this week - I'm much less hungry and eat less and better when it's a well planned and prepped day. “btw, I finished this Christmas 10lbs lighter”
I've loads more energy thanks to your ideas for food - eating a proper lunch and sneaking in more protein has made a huge difference.
And after a couple of months being a FitMum I have those sugar cravings MUCH less often.

Abigail Mum of Four
KarenPole-Fit School Owner

​“Weigh in this morning & I'm down 1.25lbs this week which is a good steady result for me - that's approx ½ stone since the start of the year!

I definitely have got the kick start that I've needed and I've started eating more thoughtfully - if that makes sense! I'm now very aware that I'm eating to fuel my body and lifestyle that I want to live!

The older I get, the more I appreciate that it is absolutely my responsibility to give my body what it needs and craves, and not simply what I want or 'feel' that I need to being enjoying at any moment! I'm really working hard to change my relationship with food so that I reward myself in completely different ways - I am working to make sure that food is no longer part of that equation!!

Thanks again, Polly - you;re one smart, 'protein packed, healthful', cookie!!

​“Hello everyone! i'm on week 3, the tools really do help you stay on track. I have lost 7lbs so far!! :)”

CarolineData Support Analyst

​“Weigh in this morning & I'm Loving it! Lost 2 inches on my hips and an inch on my waist and I don't feel like I'm dieting, just making healthy choices.
I really like the Facebook members page, as it keeps me focused. Polly seems very committed and gives a real personal service! I feel I already know much more about how to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle."

​I'm coming to the end of week6 course. Despite nearly 2 weeks of no workouts because of a horrible virus that wiped me out, I have lost 6lb, never feel hungry and lost about 3% body fat. I will definitely keep on with the formula as it works for me. I am not missing sugar (by the way the Choc nut bars are FAB and you will NEVER crave chocolate if you have these in your fridge), enjoy the PB&J smoothies for breakfast most mornings which keeps me going for ages. Thank you Pollyanna Hale this has worked for me xxx

Anna Beauty Salon owner

​Just done mine! [Body Fat %]. I was 25% now 21%

Hannah Proofreader
AbigailSpeech & Language Therapist

​I need to complain though Pollyanna Hale - I went out for the veggie night at our local river cottage restaurant this week - lots of yummy veg and protein - you'd have been proud! BUT - when the dessert menu came they all sounded too sweet and I didn't fancy any - I used to be the "look at the pudding menu first" girl (and have even been known to have pudding instead of a starter (followed by a main and then a pud) - so it was just a couple of squares of dark chocolate when I got home instead - what have you done to me?!!

Yep, had it said to me at the swimming pool last year [asked if I was pregnant again] (was holding my toddler 's hand so big clue there!). I was mortified and haven't been swimming since (until going in the sea this week- even felt ok in a wetsuit, thank you Pollyanna Hale, will make it back to my local pool very soon!)

​Original stats:
Waist - 36.5"
Hips - 50"
Weight - 14.11 stone

New stats (after 1 week) 
Waist - 35.5"
Hips - 48.5"
Weight - 14.07 stone

Really pleased with that!

Nikki Design Studio Manager