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6 Minute Muffin Top Workout

muffin top workout

Some people want leaner legs, others might strive for broader shoulders, but one thing almost everyone wants is a good set of abs… and to find a great muffin-top workout! What are Abs? ‘Abs’, short for ‘abdominal muscles’, are actually comprised of the Transverse Abdominis, Internal and External Obliques and Rectus Abdominis. These work together with all […]

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Fix Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor in 8 Weeks.

diastasis recti

Diastasis Recti after pregnancy is where the tummy muscles of the mother have not closed correctly, leaving a gap running from belly button to around where your underwear elastic sits.   It’s very common and totally treatable, and in some cases corrects itself over time, but sometimes requires gentle treatment to close the gap and […]

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List of Equipment-Free Home Bodyweight Exercises

Having a trusty list of bodyweight exercises in your repertoire is vital to enable you to get a good workout in wherever you are and whatever circumstances you’re in. Always practical and great results! Getting to the gym isn’t always possible – holidays, family to look after, and work schedules mean that being able to […]

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Best Ab Exercises for Diastasis Recti

These alternative tummy exercises for Diastasis Recti are a must watch if your tummy muscles didn’t close properly after having a baby.  If you have Diastasis Recti (see image) then you need to be careful what abdominal exercises you do, as traditional ‘ab’ exercises and crunches don’t help, and may actually make it worse from straining […]

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