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Alcohol and Weight Loss

alcohol and weight loss woman wine

Are alcohol and weight loss compatible? Is it possible to still drink alcohol occasionally while still losing weight or will it stall progress completely?   (Read this  blog on alcohol after watching, too: Why Alcohol Hinders Fatloss)   What are the downsides to drinking alcohol other than it contains calories? Click Here to watch the video […]

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Why Aldo Zilli agrees Dry January is nonsense

aldo zilli dry january

Many people will have started the year with Dry January, a health movement that encourages people to give up alcohol completely for the first month of the year.   This idea is probably a welcome one for many people who have over indulged during the Christmas period and want to give their liver a rest. […]

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Why Alcohol Hinders Fat Loss

It’s old news that alcohol contains calories (seven per gram, the most calorific substance after fat), and therefore can cause weight gain. We all know that, it’s common sense. So, why, specifically, does it interfere with fat loss? Why does it cause fat gain? How come some foods will make you build muscle, especially if […]

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