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Healthy Gingerbread Protein Biscuits

healthy gingerbread biscuits

If you can’t find me this December I’ll be curled up by the fire eating these Christmassy healthy gingerbread biscuits.   I’m actually not a massive fan of ginger. Or rather, too often there’s too much in a recipe, and it becomes overpoweringly spicy.   This is a shame because in ‘just the right amount’ […]

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Get Your #GBBO Healthy Baking Cheat Sheet!

healthy baking cake

If you’ve been inspired by all those healthy baking photos on Instagram and want to have a go yourself then you’ll definitely want to download this free cheat sheet so you’ll never be stuck for ideas.   Healthy baking really is how you can have your cake and eat it! Of course healthy cakes and […]

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Half Term Pear & Butterbean Healthy Cookies

Healthy Pear & Butterbean Healthy Cookies Beans? In biscuits? Well yes in fact. There’s no butter in this healthy cookies recipe and the only fat is in a small amount of cashew butter, so moisture is provided from the fruit and beans, to hold it all together. Just to clarify there’s nothing wrong with butter […]

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Low Carb Chocolate Dipped Viennese Biscuits

If you like chocolate (and if you landed on this page I’m guessing you do) and biscuits (again, no brainer) then these low carb chocolate dipped Viennese biscuits are going to be your sort of thing. Us Mums are prone to sneaking the odd biscuit with our tea to give us an energy lift and […]

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Giant Protein Pow Cookie

INGREDIENTS 60g Protein Pow Whey Cooking Mix 15g nut butter 1 egg white Stevia to taste Splash of almond milk, just enough to make it into a ‘dough’ METHOD Mix all the ingredients together to form a stiff dough. Roll the mix into a ball, then place on a square of baking paper on a […]

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