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Are tomatoes why you look pregnant?

tomatoes look pregnant

If you look pregnant after eating certain foods chances are you have IBS. But while most people look to common culprits like dairy or gluten, nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers can be a problem for some people. Yet ‘nightshades’ are very unknown. I should know, I have an intolerance and I have to […]

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The Reasons You’re Bloating After Eating

bloating after eating

If you’re experiencing bloating after eating then there are several possible causes, which I’ll explain to you here today.   Bloating is the uncomfortable feeling that there’s a balloon inside your belly, and can happen with or without distention, where your tummy actually looks round and ‘blown up’ like a balloon.   Bloating and distention […]

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The Candida Diet – Could It Work For You?

candida diet

The Candida Diet is a food protocol used primarily by natural medicine practitioners, naturopaths and nutritionists as a natural alternative to drugs for treating a candida infection.   Candida is a yeast that occurs naturally in out gut, but can become overgrown, causing IBS symptoms, usually bloating being the main one, as well as recurring […]

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Why Do You Get Water Retention?

water retention

Oh water retention, what a trickster you are;   Making us all look and feel fat, and feel guilty for any tiny deviation from our diet and exercise plan that we may, or may not, have done.   Men can get problems with excess water retention too (I say excess because much of the water […]

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Does Coffee Cause Bloating?

Does coffee cause bloating, gas, indigestion, stomach acid or diarrhoea? Maybe tea seems to do that for you as well or instead? Does caffeine make your gut stressed as well as your emotions? It’s hard to imagine that the two most popular drinks worldwide could be to blame for IBS like symptoms in some people, […]

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Dairy Intolerance -is milk giving you trouble?

Dairy intolerance is a fairly common food intolerance. Gas, bloating, stomach ache, diarrhoea, constipation and more can be caused by an inability to digest either lactose, casein, or both. How do you know if milk, yoghurt, and ice cream are a problem for you?   Many dairy free alternatives can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, […]

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