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300 Calorie Meals for Mums who like to Snack

300 calorie meals

Fitting in snacks between meals can easily tip you over your daily calorie needs to lose weight. These tasty 300 calorie meals (plus a list of 200 calorie snacks) will mean that even if you eat several times a day you won’t be eating more calories than you need.   Believe it or not I’m […]

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What are Macros?

what are macros

What are macros? And how much do I need of each?   Macronutrients or macros as they’re commonly referred to are protein, carbohydrates and fats.   All foods fit into one or more of these categories. My BodyBack members have a thorough training on macros, calories, vitamins and everything else they need to help them […]

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Can’t lose weight? Maybe you’re not eating enough

not eating enough

It would be common sense to think that eating less is integral to losing weight, but not eating enough is a big problem in chronic dieters especially, who are finding they just can’t lose weight. It’s true that weight loss (or gain) is about calorie balance – you need to be in a calorie deficit […]

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Healthy Packaged Snacks

healthy packaged snacks

While making homemade snacks and cooking everything from scratch sounds idyllic, sometimes we just need some healthy packaged snacks to grab in a hurry, when you’re on the go or when you’re just too tired to choose anything else!   These lists are not exhaustive, in fact the possibilities are endless.   But they are […]

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How To Stop Counting Calories

stop counting calories calculator

Your biggest fear if you were to stop counting calories is likely that you’d accidentally overeat and gain weight.   And that’s not an unfounded concern – it is possible that if you’re not aware of calories you could consume too many.   But being aware of and mindful of calories is not the same […]

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Can you eat Too Many Vegetables?

too many vegetables

For most people not enough vegetables, rather than too many vegetables is the problem.   Vegetables as well as fruit and salad are high in vitamins, fibre & water and low calorie.   But can you eat all you like or should you put a limit on them when you’re trying to cut calories and […]

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Is Breakfast Important?

is breakfast important

Is breakfast important for health and weight loss?   Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day or can you get away with skipping it?   What if you genuinely don’t feel hungry in the morning, or don’t have time for breakfast? How about if you exercise in the morning, does that make […]

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

alcohol and weight loss woman wine

Are alcohol and weight loss compatible? Is it possible to still drink alcohol occasionally while still losing weight or will it stall progress completely?   (Read this  blog on alcohol after watching, too: Why Alcohol Hinders Fatloss)   What are the downsides to drinking alcohol other than it contains calories? Click Here to watch the video […]

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8 Unhealthy Foods you Thought were Healthy

unhealthy foods cereal

Funny how foods and diets go in and out of fashion. People just can’t seem to make their minds up what are unhealthy foods and what are good for you after all.   Each week brings new research and science, so slowly we are increasing our knowledge of what’s really good for us.   But […]

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Are You Eating These 5 Healthy Foods the Wrong Way?

5 healthy foods

It’s a confusing world out there when it comes to diet and nutrition, so case in point you might be eating these 5 healthy foods completely the wrong way!   We humans like things to be black and white – good or bad, right or wrong.   But when it comes to food there are […]

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