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Why Celeb Diets Don’t Work – The Sun Newspaper Feature

celeb diets

Fad celeb diets loved by Martine McCutcheon, the Kardashians and Alexandra Burke ‘DON’T work and actually make you GAIN weight’.   People who go back to eating normally after losing weight on a calorie-restricted fad diet tend to pile on the pounds much faster.   “My main concern is that even if it works short […]

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8 Shocking Facts about Diet Companies

shocking facts diet companies

There are 2,431 reviews of diet companies and supplements on a popular diet review site I found at the time of writing, from fat burner supplements to meal replacement plans and food exclusion protocols.   Dieting is big business and these companies are cashing in any way they can on your body insecurities.   But […]

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The Dirty Secrets Behind Before and After Photos.

before and after photos

Before and After photos are any weight loss company’s favourite way to persuade you that their product can get results. But did you know that it is not only possible but also very commonly done to either use clever ticks to enhance the appearance of a person in a photo, manipulate the images to show […]

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The Dirty Secrets Slimming Clubs Won’t Tell You

slimming clubs secrets

Women like you up and down the country are joining slimming clubs in an attempt to lose weight.   I don’t blame them – the marketing behind these clubs is pretty compelling.   I frequently get flyers through my door featuring delicious looking meals and astonishing weight loss transformations. Its no wonder a weekly meeting […]

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Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss?

Do meal replacement shakes work for weight loss? And if meal replacement shakes do make people lose weight, are they a healthy way of doing so? Just to clarify, I’m not talking about quality protein powders here (my two faves being Reflex and Sun Warrior). Whey (from milk) and vegan protein powders are highly nutritious, great […]

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