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Home Workout Video: Indoor Cardio

If getting to the gym is a pain then a home workout is the answer to your fitness needs. While having two hours a day to spend in the gym or even just go to a few fun classes might be a luxury for some, The rest of us have childcare to arrange, jobs to […]

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Is Running Bad For You?

Is running bad for you? Well have you ever seen the pictures comparing a marathon runner to a sprinter?! A sprinter looks toned and fit, a marathon runner looks like….um…..your Grandparents after not eating for a month?! Many people think that to lose weight they should go out running or jogging, but actually, whilst this […]

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4 Reasons Chillies Are Healthy For Exercisers

You’ve probably heard that chillies are healthy for us, for starters they count as one of your five a day…..IF you eat enough in one sitting! Most people can’t stomach the heat of that amount of fresh chilli in one sitting,   However the good news is that even small (palatable) amounts of chilli contains […]

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Is Your Workout Making You Fat?

Think I am crazy? Quite possibly not, as unless you understand the indirect effect different types of exercise have on your body, you may be taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to fatloss. Firstly, hunger. People don’t just hit the gym café after a workout out of habit – cardiovascular […]

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